17 spring gifts for men you should think about!

Spring has arrived, how do you usually express your love to him? Spring means a new start of everything, our mother nature starts to wake up.trees and flowers remind us how beautiful every day could be.If you are planning to harvest anything this year, It would be the perfect time to plant your seeds right now.not only girls need to be rewarded with gifts, so do men.you don't need to wait until his birthday, any season any day you can make it special for him.today we want to introduce these 20 spring gifts for men you should think about for gifting!

1Dryden luxury bamboo fountain pen

What moments make your fall in love with him?Maybe his good manners when you guys hang out.his chivalry spirit or maybe his charming during his work? From now on,share every glory moments with him with this speical pen.Whether he use it for a great contract or give any approvement,let him know all these big important moments you will be always be with him.

Dryden luxury bamboo fountain pen spring gifts for men

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2Dpark leather vintage envelope sleeve case

This sleeve case can be used for Microsoft Surface Pro 4/Pro 3 and iPad Pro 12.9-Inch,It looks stylish and also professional, clean and sleek design make it extrordianry spring gift for men.

 vintage envelope sleeve case spring gifts for men

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3Fitbit charge 2 heart rate + fitness wristband

This fitbit wristband will track every heart beat and track calorie burn and also get a snapshot of your cardio fitness level,It helps you stay connected with call, text and calendar alerts, stay active with reminders to move,It is an essential for any urban citizen.specially for man who love sports and keep fit.

 fitness wristband spring gifts for men

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4100% leather US passport holder

This highly detailed craftmanship passport holder will secure every trip you are going to make.The 100% leather material is build for last.this precious passport holder makes a great spring gift for men who like international trips.

passport holder spring gifts for men

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5Universal cell phone bicycle rack holder

Go cycling with your friends for a weekend trip would be a great idea in spring season.This 2 silicone butterfly design is gonna grip and protect your phone in all ways,and you will never drop your phone while enjoy the view.It makes a great spring gift for men who love cycling!

 cell phone bicycle rack holder spring gifts for men

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6Hario skerton ceramic coffee grinder

This small and light weight coffee grinder is an ideal spring gift for the travelers or home coffee enthusiasts.easy to use & clean.wherever you are,you will be able to drink fresh ground coffee with this special coffee grinder!

Hario skerton ceramic coffee grinder spring gifts for men

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7Zippo eagle lighters

It says women express emotion by shopping and swapping credit cards while men use cigerattes and alchol.every man needs a zippo light in his life.any time any where,when he wants to light up a cigerattes,whether for himself or you,that will make great sense!

Zippo eagle lighters spring gifts for men

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8iPhone camera case for iPhone 7

Want to post great photo in your social media? You better upgrade his phone equipment first.No more blame on your boyfriend or husband taking horrible photos,this bitplay iPhone camera case will get yourself a personal photographer in one second!

iPhone camera case for iPhone 7 spring gifts for men

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9Real leather goat story mug

Yes,this is one that got uncountable likes and comments on instagram.every fashion blogger and stylish men and women love it.if you still don't know it,better check out right now!

Real leather goat story mug spring gifts for men

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103D printing moon lamp

Have you ever ask someone to pick up the moon and send to you? Well,now you will know what to do if anyone ask you to do so.

3D printing moon lamp spring gifts for men

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11Luxury portable cell phone charger

This portable charger will make sure the person you want to call or talk with will always stays on line.this one delivers real 11000 mAh of power for all your mobile devices!

Luxury portable cell phone charger spring gifts for men

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12Foldable silicone keyboard

This is not in the future,it is now.you can have it with less than 15 dollar! waterproof and able to roll up.Bring some magic to your desktop!

Foldable silicone keyboard spring gifts for men

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13Godiva chocolatier ultimate dessert truffles

Not only ladies enjoy chocolates,so do men. this luxurious assortment of truffles was inspired by the most exquisite desserts from fine restaurants and patisseries around the world.next time bring this to your fancy party or dinners!everyone will love you for it!

Godiva chocolatier ultimate dessert truffles spring gifts for men

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14Wraps wearable wristband headphone

This is not only a natural walnut wristband,but also a headphone.if you always forget where you put your earphones,now you won't need to find anywhere else.it will be right on your hands!Great spring gift for men who kinda forgettable!

Wraps wearable wristband headphone spring gifts for men

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15JBL Pebbles stereo computer speakers

The new JBL Pebbles 2.0 audio system raises the bar on your computer entertainment experience, with one-step USB plug and play. Its compact, award-winning design incorporates smart cable management that keeps your table clutter-free. A built-in rotating volume control syncs with that of your computer.It is super cool computer gadget.pity if you miss it.

JBL Pebbles stereo computer speakers spring gifts for men

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16Oral-B Pro 7000 electronic toothbrush

You may think you really know how to brush your teeth,but when you meet this pro 7000.you will know how to correct your movements.The brush head surrounds each tooth with bristles angled at 16 degrees, and 3D cleaning action oscillates, rotates, and pulsates to break up and remove up to 100% more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush. The pressure sensor lights up if you brush too hard to prevent harmful over-brushing and there are 6 modes and a timer to help you brush for a dentist-recommended 2 minutes.remember prettier teeth,more kisses!

electronic toothbrush spring gifts for men

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17Chotovelli aviator men's watch

If women collects handbags is normal hobby,then that's the same thing for men to collect watches.an aviation watch be legible, tough, accurate and reliable, with extra points awarded if it looks good riding the sleeve of a flight jacket.this can be an awesome gift for aviation enthusiasts.

Chotovelli aviator men's watch spring gifts for men

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