Girls,17 spring dressing code you should try right now!

With the warm sunshine above, your mood would be sunny right away, isn't it? For beautiful days, don't lock yourself up at home, call some besties and friends, go for a picnic or cozy afternoon tea some shopping for this new season and make yourself we would like to introduce some trendy spring style you should try for 2017!Don't miss out.Gorgeous!

1The new pajama dressing

Walking on the street or flying on the road?It is all your choice!This gives others the feeling that you are so cool and so chic!Silk material gives a luxury and elegant feeling,   your upper-class tastes speak out in your own way!

The new pajama dressing spring dressing code

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2Artisanal touches

Fashion is also art.Many artistic like to add their inspiration into apparels.for ladies who enjoy every moment of her life, everything needs to be precious and highly detailed.this artisanal touches would be one way to show your personality!

Artisanal touches spring dressing code

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3Super stripes

Try some bright and outstanding dressing code for this spring.let yourself to be the highlight in the crowds.Sometimes that's the way to make yourself unique and different.

super stripes spring dressing code

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4New-school classic

School memories will always be one the most precious period in your life.You can always "travel" back with your own way.It doesn't have to be on the campus, as long as you stay modest, you will always be a student.After all, Life teaches everything!

New-school classic spring dressing code

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5For the luxe leader

It looks like a minimalist but yet not simple.the key point is about style and material.It might not the richest ones but could be the ones fit you most.

For the luxe leader spring dressing code

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6For the style star

It is important that you create your own dressing style.all you need is the right match together and make yourself sparkling in a unique way!

for the style star spring dressing code

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6For the morden romantic

Girls love romantic,every girl loves romantic objects.A elegant and romantic girl can be super attractive.don't hide your potenitial,It is time to show out!

For the modern romantic spring dressing code

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7For the cool minimalist

Simplicity is fashion.It is not about quantity,It is about on everything,friendships,romantic relationships,coworkers.playmates.same for fashion!

For the cool minimalist spring dressing code

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Here are 10 pieces for spring you must have!

1The relaxed trench

Trendy and stylish trench is a must for spring,this classic trench will give you a new look this year!

The relaxed trench spring dressing code

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2The big impact mini bag

Cute and mini bags would makes you look pretty right with friends or going to parties.A universal mini bag will be your super power!

mini bags spring dressing code

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3A slip dress

All you need is the right design and match,you will be a fahion blogger right away!

a slip dress spring dressing code

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4The super slide

Women loves shoes just as much as men love cars.You will never have enough shes,specially those ones make your stylish and yet comfortable.

the super slide spring dressing code

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5A bold pendant

A bold pendant is like the spirit of your outfit.It upgrads your entire look in a clear way!

a bold pendant spring dressing code

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6The lace up piece

I can't figure out another material can describle feminism more than lace.A great top to dress up trousers or jeans.going out? 5 minutes you are ready to go!

lace up piece spring dressing code

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7A flirty skirt

Special time,special dressing code!

A flirty skirt spring dressing code

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8Frayed jeans

If you still don't have few frayed jeans in your really need to get some already!

frayed-jeans spring dressing code

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9Can't miss earrings

Remember every once a while you need to reward yourself something.Collecting special earrings can be a good fashion habit!

Can't miss earrings spring dressing code

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10The updated sneaker

Even for sneaker,you can find something unique.It is about your style.not anybod else!

The updated sneaker spring dressing code

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