17 small things as gifts people would be appreciated!

There was a time that we are interested in people's hobbies, what they like, what they dislike, as we want to show how much we really care when comes to birthday or Christmas gifts. I don't know if that is because we are too occupied with this busy world or we are becoming lazier to find out what gifts might make them happy. so there is something invented called gift card. it is wrapped up money basically, with a gift card you don't have to spend hours picking up the best gift for your love ones, but really? Step your feet in other's shoes, Is that what you want for your birthday? Today we want to introduce some small things as gifts you can send for any occasions, don't be lazy, be someone that is passionate about life!

1Cableyoyo - Earbud Cable management

Less than 10 dollar gifts, you are saving someone from a messy world, no more tangled cables from bags, looks pretty and also very practical, everyone would need one!

Earbud Cable management small things as gifts. birthday gifts for friends

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2Panda baseball cap

Who doesn't love Panda, they are the national treasure of China, best small things as gifts for kids if you are wondering who you should send. got any nieces or any nephews, send to them! they will love you for a pretty long time! as this one last!

Panda baseball cap small things as gifts, gifts for niece, gifts for kids

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3OXO Good Grips lily wood mill set

Make your dining time more pleasant, it looks like a table decor but pretty useful for each family, can be a great housewarming gift!

 lily wood mill set small things as gifts. housewarming gifts

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4Quirky Pen Zen bamboo

It is a multi-functional box, it can be a tool box, a pencil box, a kitchen gadget, use your imagination and do what you think it could fit!from kids or adults, anyone can actually use it.

Quirky Pen Zen bamboo small things as gifts ,gifts for kids

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5Child's Nursery lamp-Cotton Elephant

This cute nursery lamp can be great baby shower gift, not too bright but light enough for the night.kids love cute little things, not to mention it is an elephant! well if you happen to know someone who is a big fan of the elephant, you can also send it to a teenager or adult.nobody refuse cute stuff.

Child's Nursery lamp small things as gifts,baby shower gifts

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6SADES Mechanical gaming keyboard

Well, if you are still wondering what gifts that may cause your gaming friends attention, this may be the one! It provides a combination of great gaming performance with tactile feedback and the voice of the typing, any game lovers would love this wonderful gift!

 Mechanical gaming keyboard small things as gifts. gifts for boyfriend

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7Fashion heart-shaped wayfarer sunglasses

What can upgrade your outfit immediately? one pair of super cool sunglasses, ladies, what are you waiting for? embrace the sunshine and outdoors with this beautiful eye-catching sunglasses!

heart-shaped wayfarer sunglasses small things as gifts, gifts for girlfriend

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8Expression Tees I'm Not Sorry heart T-shirt

Everyone may make mistakes during growing up.but there are certain things that you don't have to say sorry. Like trying to question the fact what is told by your teacher, like you speak for yourself even nobody stands for you. you don't need to be sorry if you think you didn't do it wrong.be the biggest superstar for yourself.

I'm Not Sorry heart T-shirt small things as gifts. gifts for teenagers

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9Handmade leather bike cup holder

This can be a sweet gift for bike lovers, of course, it may not match with road bikes or mountain bikes. In U.S.everybody drive to work, but still, if you are living in Paris or Milan, maybe you would like to explore the city with an artsy bike like this one with one cup of coffee. I know that I would!

Leather bike cup holder small things as gifts. gifts for bike lovers

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10Audrey Hepburn sleep mask

Audrey Hepburn is every girl's goddess, she is so elegant and beautiful, we all love what wears in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" this sleep mask can be a great gift for a girlfriend or for besties, wake up like a princess every morning!

sleep mask little things as gifts ,gifts for girls ,gifts for girlfriend

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11Simulated pearl & glass three-row necklace

Pearl is ladies friends forever if you don't know what to send to your female friends, one piece of pearl necklace can aways be a good option.It means elegance and grace. an essential fashion piece for ladies.

pearl & glass three-row necklace small things as gifts. gifts for girls

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12Ello Cole vacuum-insulated travel mug

This pretty travel mug is able to keep your coffee for hot or cold for 5 hours. It is built with stainless steel, so you don't have to worry about the taste and quality.100% leak-proof slider lid for easy transport, what else do you still need for a travel mug, it has all!

vacuum-insulated travel mug small things as gifts, gifts for travelers

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13Solid copper pineapple tumbler

Let's get the party started with this super cool pineapple tumbler! make your daily life tropical style, enjoy every sip of life!

Solid copper pineapple tumbler small things as gifts

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14Stylish Wireless Bluetooth headphones

Sometimes we need to listen to the things that only good for us. we are packed with the world that full of different voice, some are good, some are bad, you have to select what you listen, get this super stylish headphone with you or your beloved ones, listen to your favorite radio or music on your way jogging or in the metro.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones small things as gifts. gifts for music lovers

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15Magic Cube wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

This mini speaker is great for outdoor activities, colorful lights will upgrade your listening experience, it has a built-in FM radio, you can enjoy indoor or outdoor activities with music around all the time, can be a great gift for outdoor lovers.

wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker small things as gifts, gifts for music lovers, gifts for outdoor lovers

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16Women's Faux fur fluffy feather round clutch

It says if you piss off a girl, send her a bag, if you piss her off again, send her another bag, sometimes when you apologize, you need to come up with some unique gift ideas. this bag is so fluffy that no girls would say no!

Women's Faux fur fluffy feather round clutch small things as gifts, gifts for girls

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17Cat face bag zipper coin purse

Some how we get so many coins from nowhere! let's put them all in this cute cat purse, Cat has a symbol of getting wealthy, if you ever travel to Asia countries, you would see so many waving cat in the shops. so gather all your coins and get wealthy from there.

Cat face bag zipper coin purse small things as gifts. gifts for girls ,gifts for cat lovers

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Upgrade your life with little things now!

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