15 gifts for Chinese culture lovers you should send!

Whenever we talk about ancient culture, the first two countries we have in mind is Egypt and China, for what Pyramids present is incredible, many visitors won't believe is actually built by the human at that ancient time. many people even say it was built by the Aliens. While if you ever get a chance to visit China, It is always incredible for what you could see it The Forbidden City, It presents the peak times of ancient China, how the Empire rules a country that the GDP was 1/3 of this world 300 years ago. The history of China is very intriguing and mysterious. the best way to know more about Chinese culture is to visit her by yourself, what you feel might be different from what the western media says.today we want to introduce some gifts for Chinese culture lovers you should send. welcome to leave your comments.

111-piece China tea set

We all know that China has the best tea in the world,  To have one fine set of china means exclusivity to the European Royal families back then. This tea set is made as following the Qing dynasty pattern, It combines the elegant pattern and the delicate look together that makes a great kitchen decor in your cabinet. it makes a great housewarming gift for new homeowners, the recipients would be thrilled to have such a unique gift!

China tea set gifts for Chinese culture lovers, housewarming gifts

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2Chinese Calligraphy writing kit

For Latin language speakers, Chinese writing looks like drawing a painting for them, it is so complicated and seems unable to follow any rules. well, don't be so harsh on yourself, you must know that even for native Chinese, it takes 6-9 years learning to write a proper article. for China art, Chinese Calligraphy weighs heavier than Chinese paintings, as it is more diverse and harder to master. this set is purely for you to display in your home, I don't expect you to learn it. but what you need to know is for all the big CEOs in China, all their study room, will have a set like this!(what they have is much more expensive) that's why it makes a great gift.

Chinese Calligraphy writing kit gifts for Chines culture lovers,gifts for friends

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3Chinese health medicine marble stress balls

It is invented to help people to practice their fingers and wrist joints, By playing these two balls on your palm, It provides therapeutic value for both the body and the mind. The motion of the fingers contracts and relaxes the forearm muscles, gradually building up strength in hands and arms. It can be a good gift for musicians, athletes, and people who want to improve their dexterity, flexibility, and strength. A very helpful set for office as well!

Chinese marble stress balls gifts for Chinese culture lovers, gifts for men

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4Yunzi stones & Bamboo bowls Go set

This Go game is invented to practice our mind and be smarter. If you have any friends love this game, this can be a perfect gift. well made with top quality. why is it also part of Chinese culture? As this is one of four that all the upper class must know in ancient China. the rest three are " Guqin, Calligraphy, and Painting" Ancient Chinese were pretty romantic and poetry.

Bamboo bowls Go set gifts for Chinese culture lovers. birthday gifts

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5Lenox simply fine chirp 4-piece place setting

Anyone who ever visits China will be impressed by the diversity of Chinese food, their motto is"food the first necessity of man", every street you are able to find delicious recipes in all kinds of restaurants, China is named after chinaware,you might notice some fine chinaware in the big museums, ancient China exported so many of chinaware and silk to other countries. for the rich people in western countries, one of the best way to show wealthy is to invite friends for dinner and show how beautiful their plates are!

fine chirp 4-piece place setting gifts for Chinese culture lovers, housewarming gifts

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6Chopsticks with bamboo & panda pictures

This beautiful porcelain chopstick set makes a great gift for Chinese culture lovers. Panda is the national treasure for China, they made great value for Chinese diplomatic policy, many countries have been gifted with Panda, two sets of chopsticks can be used as wedding gifts, as it wishes this couple to happy together forever and has a baby soon.

Chopsticks with bamboo & panda pictures gifts for Chinese culture lovers,wedding gifts

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7Chinese hand-held folding fans

Chinese fans have around 4000 years history, in ancient China, the artists write or paint directly on the fans to send as gifts to good friends and families. lovers send fans as a symbolic object for a relationship. even now fans are one of the diplomatic souvenirs for China government. This exotic fan brings more than just winds.

Chinese hand-held folding fans gifts for Chinese culture lovers,gifts for girls

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8Story of Shanghai women's silk scarf

This is made of 100% mulberry silk which character is light and thin, a beautiful scarf will always increase women's feminine and softness. around 2000 years ago China created the silk road which is from Guangzhou all the way passing through the Indian Ocean then The Red Sea after reach to East Africa and Europe.back then Tea, Silk and china are the symbols of wealthy for Europeans.

women's silk scarf gifts for Chinese culture lovers.gifts for girls

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9Peacock embroidery girls shoes

If you are looking for some Chinese style shoes, this one can be a good choice, It is so unique that eye-catching that anyone who wears is will get tons of compliments!

Peacock embroidery girls shoes gifts for Chinese culture lovers. gifts for girls

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10Traditional Chinese Porcelain series pillowcase

If you want to decorative your sofa with Chinese style. this two pillowcase will certainly meet the theme.A review says"she bought them for the patio but they are too pretty she decides to keep them inside the house" Good things you will cherish for sure.They make great housewarming gifts for Chinese culture lovers.

Chinese Porcelain series pillowcase gifts for Chinese culture lovers, housewarming gifts

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11100% Biodegradable Chinese lanterns

Chinese lanterns are for good wishes, like many of the wishing springs in Europe, Chinese spray and wish for good future with lanterns. nowadays people use it for activities or weddings, you can also use it for a weekend beach trip and enjoy some special moments with your beloved ones!

Chinese lanterns gifts for Chinese culture lovers, gifts for family

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12Chinese style Qipao party dress

Qipao has a very high requirement for body figures, if you ever visit Shanghai in summer, You may find a lot of ladies in Qipao. It is the Chinese government diplomatic dress for female officers.Current first lady Peng Liyuan wears Qipao many times for formal occasions. It can be a precious gift for ladies.

Chinese qipao Dress gifts for Chinese culture lovers, gifts for girls.

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13Hand painted paper Sun Parasol

If you don't want to get sunburned in summer, This exotic sun parasol can be very useful and keep you looking good. paper parasol is the earliest umbrella that ever been invented about 1000years ago.later on it spread to Japan, Vietnam, India etc. It shows women's elegance and grace.great as wedding gifts!

Hand painted paper Sun Parasol gifts for Chinese culture lovers,gifts for girls

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144-Panel plum blossom screen room divider

This is a great home decor piece but also very useful for space separation. In ancient China, they use very precious materials to make it, such as marbles or solid wood, for nowadays the interior design has changed to minimum style.and this pattern plum blossom means joy, happiness, live a long life, successful and peaceful.This can be a great gift for parents.

plum blossom screen room divider gifts for Chinese culture lovers. gifts for parents

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15Chinese dragon & phoenix paper-cut art

The traditional paper cut art has been a heritage culture for China, The paper-cut has features of being comprehensive, beatified and lucky. In the meanwhile, with special expression, it conveys connotation and essence of traditional culture. It not only stands for people's ability to appreciate arts but also manifests a deep level of social psychology in China.This can be a great window decor!

Chinese dragon & phoenix paper-cut art gifts for Chinese culture lovers, gifts for home decor lovers

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