13 Christmas gifts for family members you should know!

We just celebrate Thanksgiving Day, by the time of next month, it will be Christmas! Are you ready for this Christmas? My suggestion is that prepare the gifts in advance so you don't need to worry about any late shipping or replace a new one if things don't go as you expected. today I would suggest the below items as 2017 Christmas gift list. hope you would like them.

114 Piece chemistry spice rack set

The First one that you should get present for is Mother, I think for all the moms would be delighted to receive such a wonderful gift. it is super cool and shows the love of kitchen science. mom's job isn't easy, she would be touched by this gift. Anytime she cooks, she would remember you and your gift.

14 Piece Chemistry Spice Rack Set 2017 Christmas gift list

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2Wine chill drops

The second one would be for DAD, I know that you've sent money Daddy theme gifts in the past years, this year, how about choosing something different? wine need to chill so we can have the fresh taste. every dad wine counter needs this set.

Wine chill drops 2017 Christmas gift list for dad

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3Wooden portable Bluetooth speaker

This minimalist design speaker is a great gift for wife or girlfriend. She can carry it during picnic or camping or any other outdoor activities. its simple design makes a great desk decor as well. a nice gift with good function!

Wooden portable Bluetooth speaker 2017 Christmas gifts list

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4Philips wake-up light alarm

If you don't want to get up everyday by the boring and hurry alarm, I would suggest this gift for yourself, as this is something that you would really benefit everyday. nomatter you are girl or a boy, as it has sunrise simulation mode. that every morning you will wake up like sleep in the forest. beside you can use it to do some bed reading as well. how beautiful it gonna be!

Philips wake-up light alarm 2017 Christmas gifts list

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5Ribbon wood wall clock

This is more than just a wall clock, It is one piece of artwork, it can be gift to anyone who love home decor objects. it is clean and simple yet a definite stand out piece.

Ribbon wood wall clock 2017 Christmas gifts list

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6Philips airfryer

You must have a friend who is good at cooking or who is a big foodie. who doesn't love delicious food? nobody! with this airfryer, you can easily make healthy meals both fast and delicious. it grills, roasts, steams and even bakes so you have more options when feeding your family and entertaining guests. sounds wonderful, isn't it? Check out by yourself!

Philips airfryer 2017 Christmas gifts list

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7Mood lamp for kids and adult

The best time to rebuild your energy is during sleepy, It brings you into the northern aurora space and makes you feel relax before sleeping! great gift for kids and also adult!

Mood lamp for kids and adult 2017 Christmas gifts list

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82 pack fairy lights

How would like to see your house decorated with fairy lights? These fairy lights are waterproof and perfect for spicing up your decor or setting the mood for Christmas, Thanks Giving Day, Halloween Parties. Great for use in a restaurant or small business! any recipient come cross your mind?

2 pack fairy lights 2017 Christmas gifts list

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9Fast wireless charger

Nomatter you are using an iPhone or Samsung, this fast wireless charger will set your free from cables. it is a super cool gadget for anyone! no more wires. great gift for office workers or family members!

Fast wireless charger 2017 Christmas gifts list

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10Rear view camera and mirror monitor kit

This kit can give you the ability to see the tiniest critters sneaking behind your car. No more straining your neck to see if a shopper is trying to whiz by you or making sure the opposite car isn't pulling out. anyone you know who is driving with such a kit would be appreciated for such a gift.

Rear view camera and mirror monitor kit 2017 Christmas gifts list

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11Heated car seat

What would make your winter road journey more pleasant? I think a direct improvement would be a warm and comfortable driving experience. for those ones who scare of coldness need this heated car seat, send this gift to your beloved ones who need it so much.

Heated car seat 2017 Christmas gifts list

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12Winter fur pom hat

What makes a warm and beautiful Christmas? no only the family unions make your warm.but also you are fully protected from the coldness in winter. this beautiful hat would be a great gift for teenage girls. looks stylish!

winter fur pom hat 2017 Christmas gifts list

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13NFL football light up team logo scarf

Well, I am sure whoever got this gift will be the popular audience for the games. people will certainly keep asking you where did you get it.one of the review says"The LED lights are very bright mind you so when trying it out or showing it off make sure no one is looking directly at LEDs or risk momentary blindness. Very good gift for Patriots fans"

]NFL football light up team logo scarf

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